Linguistic Services

Translation, Interpretation, Editing, Copywriting, Speech/Narration Script Writing,
Tape Transcription, etc.
Languages: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, most European and Southeast Asian languages

Presentations, Press Releases, Advertisements, Corporate Profiles, Pamphlets, Brochures,  International Contracts, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Investor Relations, Corporate/Product Branding, Exhibitions/Event Contents, Copywriting, Marketing Tool Localization, Academic Papers, Letters, Executive Salutations, Speeches, etc.

<Example Projects>
・English Editing of Academic Journals
・Monthly Reports (source language to English)
・CSR/Environmental Reports (source language to English)
・Website Translation (source language to English/Chinese)
・Exhibition Contents (source language to English/Chinese/Korean)
・Products Pamphlets & Brochure (source language to English/Chinese/Korean)
・Corporate/Product Branding (source language to English)
・Video Narrations (source language to English/Chinese)

English Education

Research and Development of Educational Curriculum
Speech Contest Planning/Management
English Conversation School/Salon
English Literature Reading Group Sessions

Other Services

Project/Program Management/Execution
Advertising/Public Relations Planning/Management
Contract Consultation
Event Planning/Management
Executive Counseling
International Business Establishment
Market Entry/Expansion

Areas of Expertise

Electrical Machinery/Technology
Space Development Technology
Medical/Pharmaceutical Science (only editing)
General Business
Environment/Natural Science